The following lean resources are listed to aid you in your implementation of lean manufacturing. If you are seriously considering the implementation of lean in your facility, yet you lack the practical experience, you will need some resources to help you get started.

The following links will take you to some inexpensive yet practical products which should prove helpful in your lean initiative.

Basic Lean Principles

Before progressing towards lean implementation, you should understand the fundamental concepts behind the system. This website is packed with valuable information regarding lean and it’s principles but does not delve deep into the origins of some lean (TPS) concepts. This link,Kanban Just-In-Time at Toyota: Management Begins at the Workplace will take you to a book that explains the original concepts behind the Toyota Production System; the basis of lean manufacturing. It does not explain how to implement but it does illustate, in easy to understand methods, the reasons behind fundamental TPS ideals. Once the basic knowlege is understood, it becomes easier to explain the reasons for change to those most affected by the changes.

Implementing Lean

Once again, if you have never implemented lean into a facility, you will need some guidance. Some companies will cut inventory, add kanbans, clean the place up and believe they have implemented lean. There’s much more to it than that. This link, lean implementation guide will take you to a reasonably priced guide to help you through the implementation process. It is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. Certainly worth a look!

Implementing 5S

Another must have lean resource is a guide to help you implement 5S. If you implement only one aspect of lean manufacturing, make it 5S. These 5 stages alone can improve morale, increase productivity and help promote a safe workplace. To view a reasonably priced option for guiding you through the implementation process Click Here!

Another option is 5S for Operators: 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace (For Your Organization!). It’s a few dollars more than the option above, but it’s a quick read and should have you ready to start in no time.

Office 5S

Not only is 5S required on the plant floor, the office requires it as well. The office is often overlooked where 5S activity is concerned. A clean organized office may not lead to increased production, but it will help improve efficiency and boost morale.

This approach has to be followed from top management down through the remaining ranks of the company. If the office does not apply the same 5S rules as are being enforced on the plant floor, buy-in from production workers will not come easily.

For those businesses that don’t have a plant floor, this lean resource is for you. How much time have you wasted because you couldn’t find a pen, or the stapler wasn’t handy?

Become Your Very Best

Become your very best is a site designed for those that are striving to be more successful and looking for new areas of improvement. The focus is on personal and professional development and designed to ensure that you have the ability to BECOME YOUR VERY BEST.”

Check back often for additional lean resources.