This page has been established to inform our visitors about LMJ; our mission, experience, target market and purpose for this site. The pages are set up in similar fashion for ease of use. This site will be updated on an on-going basis, so look for updates through our blog or make a return visit to view new material. Let’s start with our Mission.

LMJ Mission

Our mission at LMJ is threefold; to provide free valuable content throughout our website to increase your knowledge of lean manufacturing (based on our experience), provide valuable LMJ products at affordable prices to assist you with your lean implementation and, make recommendations of alternate products that can further assist you with your lean implementation and understanding.

Lean Experience

At Lean Manufacturing Junction, we have 30 years of practical experience in a Toyota Production System environment (the basis for lean manufacturing) as a supplier for Toyota. We have implemented kanban systems, standardized work, standardized material handling routes, heijunka and pattern/lot production (2 methods of levelized production), 5S and participated in/coordinated many Kaizen (continuous improvement) events and blitzes (among other areas of lean). We have extensive supervisory and management experience in manufacturing, production control, injection molding, scheduling and parts procurement. We fully understand that in order to implement lean, the entire organization must be on the same page, from the floor associates to the highest levels of management.

Target Market

Based on our experience and background, this site is targeted toward companies that are looking to, or just starting to, implement aspects of lean manufacturing. Companies that have been practicing lean principles for some time may still find some new information to take back to their business and implement further improvements. Although many of the examples throughout this site will be geared toward manufacturing, they can be adopted in other areas as well. Keep in mind the ultimate goal of lean is the elimination of waste. Waste can be identified and eliminated in every business and organization (including your home). Take what you can from this site and any other site that can help you improve your business and increase your companies profitability through the elimination of waste.

Purpose of LMJ

Through explanation of our purpose, we hope it will help you understand a little more about LMJ. At LMJ, we are firm believers in the benefits of lean manufacuring (or TPS, whichever way you want to look at it). This site was created with the intention of passing along information to people or companies looking to implement lean manufacturing. It is our intention to pass along accurate content and infromation based on our experience. Due to the fact that there is always more than one view on any subject, we encourage you to explore other sites on the same topics to confirm relevancy for your specific situation. If there is something that you would like further clarification or examples of, feel free to contact us through our contact page. Again, our purpose is to provide you with relevant information regarding lean manufacturing and it’s principles. Much of that information can be found searching through our site. We will also recommend products or services that will help bring you an even better understanding on how to implement many of these techniques.

We encourage you to go as far as you can with these principles and then, continue to go even further through kaizen and further developing your understanding of lean manufacturing and it’s principles.

If you would like to know more about LMJ, please feel free to contact us. If there are any other companies or businesses that you feel would benefit learning about lean manufacturing or about LMJ, please pass our website address along to them.