Thank you for showing interest in our Lean Manufacturing Junction (LMJ) website.  LMJ is a website that strives to be the key resource needed for Lean Manufacturing learning.

LMJ Focuses on Providing:

  1. General Information about Lean Manufacturing
  2. Weekly Articles, Commentary, Video and Podcast for Lean Learning
  3. Lean Manufacturing Resources to help on your Lean Journey
  4. Up to date Lean Manufacturing Events and Training opportunities


Currently LMJ receives 2000+ unique visitors/month looking for information about Lean Manufacturing.  The website reached a peak of approximately 5000 unique visitors/month in 2017.  The site content has been stagnant since 2015 and is now getting a branding refresh and a renewed focus from the new ownership.  We expect to continue our growth into 2020 and beyond.

NEW SEO Approach:

Besides updating all of the different content across all 30 pages of the site, we will be starting to post blogs from our featured LMJ content contributors and guest contributors.  LMJ will also be starting to create new audio and video content along with our contributors.  We will be creating and adding new content on a daily basis for LMJ.

New Content will include:

-LMJ Key Contributor Blogs

-Guest Contributor Blogs

-LMJ interviews

-LMJ Videos

-LMJ Podcasts

Guest Contributor Opportunities for LEAN PROFESSIONALS:

We are excited to offer Lean Professionals and Executive Leaders the opportunity to contribute on our platform.  We believe that this is a great way to build your brand, your business, and gain recognition for your expertise.  For each blog contribution you provide, here is what you receive from LMJ.

LEAN PROFESSIONAL:  Create a unique blog post (minimum 750 words) about Lean Manufacturing under one of the broad topic categories for LMJ.  Content MUST be unique…it can not be published on other websites.

Categories: Example(s)

-Lean Philosophies Use of True North, Why “customer first”…

-Lean Leadership Leading from the top, Encouraging learning

-Lean Tools Kanban in the Office

-Lean Case Studies How we saved our company, We achieved..

LMJ:  Provides expanded content and an audience to build your brand and business.

Audience – Provide a platform to share your blog with an expanded audience

Backlinks – Posts receive a backlink to a website of your choice and key Social Media

Podcast – Each guest receives an invite to discuss their post on the new LMJ podcast

Additional Blog – Each Podcast will be transcribed into a written interview blog on LMJ

Video – LMJ podcast will be video recorded for distribution on You Tube

Media Package – Each guest on LMJ podcast/Video receives a media package:

-Links to share all above content from LMJ on your social media or website

-2 Edited short form videos for individual content distribution on social media

-2 Branded photos/graphics with key quotes from interview for social media


Want to become a contributor? Fill out the form below and include your article, a profile picture, and a brief bio about yourself. If your article is selected, we will run it in our next publication.

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