5S Standardization (Seiketsu) – Stage 4

Now that the clutter is gone and the place is clean and organized, 5S standardization (Seiketsu) will help to ensure the first three steps are maintained. This is critical as you don’t want to waste all the previous efforts from the first three steps. In order to accomplish this step, you will need to assign and integrate 5S responsibilties, schedule 5S tasks and audit the results.

Assign and Integrate

In order to ensure the first three stages of “5S” are maintained, responsibilities must be assigned and integrated into the regular work routines. Ensure daily sweeping of the area is part of the job duties if required. Ensure all tools are put away at the end of the day. Desks should be organized prior to going home for the day. Regardless of their role in the company, each person must do their part to ensure the 5S standardization is adhered to. Failure in one area will have a ripple effect throughout the company.

Schedule 5S Standardization (Seiketsu) Tasks

To make the 5S standardization stage effective, you will need to schedule weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual events in addition to the daily “5S” tasks. Tasks that would fall under the weekly category could be wiping down computers or machines. Dusting off desks or cleaning phones.

A monthly schedule could include detailed cleaning of an assembly area or washing of desks. For production facilities, sorting through test or sample parts in your area and discarding those that are no longer useful.

Semi-annual events could involve sorting through desk drawers and discarding obsolete or outdated documents. Waxing of floors or taping of aisles (if applicable).

As an annual event, sort through that deep, dark corner of the facility or mezzanine where all the excess material or machinery is stored. Maybe you have an outside facilty where you store excess equipment for future use? Sort through that building and discard any non-value material.

Audit The Results

To prove that the company is serious about “5S”, an audit must be performed on a regular basis. A daily walk through of areas should be conducted to ensure the basic level “5S” is being maintained. Scheduled weekly or monthly audits should also be conducted. Not only is it important for the people doing the “5S” to monitor themselves, first line supervisors through upper management should also be involved in the audit process.

Every time you walk from one area to another is a perfect opportunity to audit the “5S” along the way. You don’t need to wait for the planned audit time to audit the facility; it should occur whenever you are moving about.

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